Chef Jim's Stone Crab Claws

When you are looking for a relaxing time, and a good meal, Fiddlers is the place to be in Steinhatchee. From fresh seafood dinners, to hand cut steaks and mouth watering ribs, we serve the best tasting food "on the river". We provide a festive, and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy good friends, and great food. After dinner, enjoy a a fun time in our lounge, or take a walk along the river.  When it's time to turn in,  enjoy the clean comfortable accommodations at our Motel

Fiddlers is conveniently located at  1306 S.E. Riverside Drive in Steinhatchee. You can call us at 352-498-7427Our hours are  Monday - Friday 4:00PM - 10:00 Pm, Saturday and Sunday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM. We serve a great buffet on Sunday 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Legend has it...

In the mid eighteen hundreds when the first settlers attempted to inhabit the pristine estuaries along what we now call Florida's beautiful Nature Coast, they encountered creatures yet unseen by modern man. These tiny yet ferocious carnivores preyed upon the sunbaked flesh of unsuspecting pioneers and courageous anglers toiling over the deep, blue Gulf of Mexico.

In fact, in the summer of 1867 so many unsuspecting fisherman were lost to the miniature predators that the waters at the mouth of the river were dubbed Deadman's Bay. Attacking mostly around sunup and sundown, the vicious beasts swarmed around the arms, legs, and heads of their unsuspecting victims, tearing off bits of flesh and pieces of ears until final overcoming the prey.

Years of pesticides and frantic swatting by an ever-increasing number of tourists and courageous flats fisherman have greatly reduced the number of the early adaptions of these creatures, but not entirely. While the modern day Sand Gnat is somewhat less ferocious, you have no doubt experienced the enduring persistence of its thirst for flesh.

So the next time you bite into Fiddlers delectable tribute to the Saber Tooth Sand Gnat, the most feared little predator the Nature Coast has ever seen, pause for just a moment and pay tribute to all the anglers and tourists who have gone before you. Remembering all those who paid the ultimate price to settle this beautiful area. Moreover, the next time a swarm of modern day Sand Gnats swoop down on you; just thank your lucky stars that they don't possess the same bite as their saber tooth chomping ancestors



P.S. Rumor has it that the unique collection of herbs & spices in Fiddlers Saber Tooth Sand Gnat Sandwich are a natural deterrent to today's local sand gnats, as well as an antidote if you've already been bitten!